My Internship Experience

By 2020, your customers will manage 85% of their relationships online

On the 2nd of July 2019, I started my 6-month IT internship with Eches. To be honest, I never had any experience of the products that Eches has partnered with, such as SAP. Therefore, whenever I ask people around me, what exactly SAP is?

They never gave me a clear answer. “They make like… create software for businesses,” one said.

Through my internship, I have learned so much knowledge and talents from a company I have never heard of. I was one of these people who got rejected by companies. I felt drained that I couldn’t get a job at any great company here in the Maldives. Perhaps, my portfolio was not acceptable or maybe I am not good enough. However, during my internship at Eches, I realized that I am good enough, and I am not average.

In this internship opportunity at Eches, I got to learn about so many products with a small team of 5 members. We had to make sure we were able to deliver results before a certain deadline. Many companies have run more sufficiently because of our solutions. Since we are a small team, I was able to lead certain projects during my time as an intern. I never felt like an intern, I felt like a member of the team.

These are the things I learned during my internship

  • I learned how to lead projects
  • I learned how to deal with tight deadlines
  • I learned how to be involved and work as a team

Hence, if you ask me about this internship, I would say this is one of the best opportunities I got, and this internship was more than I could have ever hoped for.  I am very thankful to the team of Eches for this internship.

Cheers to the best

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