AdvanPOS offers a wide range of POS products that meet the demands for diversified applications for a vertical market and for OEM/ ODM requirements. They design POS products basing on the specific and specialized needs from customers and users to make products suitable for hospitality and retail environments.They also offer a growing range of high quality POS peripherals to enhance the expandability and flexibility of POS products.

AdvanPOS brand comes from the combination the two words of Advance and POS. Their brand encapsulates their promise to intimately understand the needs and aspirations of users and customers in order to deliver innovative solutions that are advanced and easy to experience.

AdvanPOS is acquired by Advantech in 2013 and the acquisition strengthens Advantech’s smart retail business while enhancing AdvanPOS’s product line to provide solution-ready POS products for retail and hospitality markets.

AdvanPOS products win TAIWAN EXCELLENCE awards, BEST CHOICE awards, COMPUTEX TAIPEI design & innovation awards by means of the excellent quality, outstanding design and unique features. Certified by ISO 9001, AdvanPOS products are also well examined by the international standard to ensure the quality control and management. They products are not only innovative, high-quality but also eco-friendly.

We are living in a world with rapid changes in economic development, lifestyle, customer behavior etc. As a retailer, being sensitive to these changes and quickly in response to them are keys to survive in the competitive retail market. For example, the transaction methods, such as cash, credit card, stored value card or NFC, may change. The transaction volume may change. The business scale may change. A small store may grow up to chain stores. Thus, when picking a POS terminal, leaving some flexibility to accommodate to these changes will save a lot of cost. A simple component upgrade can save retailers from spending extra money on whole system replacement.

AdvanPOS provides a series of POS solutions for retail environments. All are highly flexible and easy to be upgraded. The retail needs and requirements can be fully satisfied with AdvanPOS innovative and complete POS solutions.

Supermarket shoppers love to go to the supermarket to find new foods, taste free samples, use discount coupon. But most shoppers don’t enjoy spending time waiting in queues. We all have been there, waiting in the long line, scanning the amount of groceries purchased by shoppers in front of us. When other checkout lines go faster, we become frustrating for not choosing the right line. For supermarket shoppers, they enjoy shopping in the store, but when they are ready to go, they want to be out of the door fast.

A supermarket which can provide efficient checkout service will win customer loyalty. AdvanPOS provides complete POS solutions for supermarket applications. Not only the checkout speed can be smoother and faster, but also different product information can be displayed interactively.

Device and Peripherial Customizable

An integration of the H-POS POS system, high performance barcode scanner,printer, cash drawer, customer display, keypad or MSR / iButton, designed for high-volume transaction retail stores. Powered by Intel Dual Core CPU , it delivers high performance. It allows the maximum flexibility for customization. An optional extended table is featured for signature and a cable-hiding tray box is designed to assist in concealing the messy, tangled cables and wires to provide a neat and tidy workspace. Bezel-free flat monitor is featured to provide a seamless and smooth surface and is resistant to water, dust, grease, and food build-up.

  • Ideal for supermarket and hypermarket
  • Space-saving
  • Modular design enhances expandability
  • Patented detachable LCD panel
  • Dual core and fanless operation
  • Optional cable-hiding tray box
  • Integrate a high performance Dual Laser omni-directional barcode scanner

Bezel Detachable and Customizable

Featuring Intel Dual Core / N270 CPU , Chameleon, a Taiwan Excellence award-winning product, is a bezel –changeable touch POSterminal. Thanks to the patented easy-change bezel design, Chameleon makes logo and color customization easier and cost-effective. The innovative detachable design also makes the bezel maintenance simpler with less cost. It is eco-friendly with ENERGY STAR qualified.

  • Excellent customizability
  • Color & logo customizable
  • Easy-change & easy-detached color kit

Cost-effective and Fanless

Featuring Intel Atom Dual Core / N270, E-POS is a cost-effective POS terminal which delivers stable quality and fanless operation with 3 mounting options to meet the needs of most retail and hospitality environments. E-POS features a smart hinge design which allows the easy HDD removal and replacement. Modular design makes it easy for maintenance and flexible to upgrade as technology changes. A bezel-free flat monitor is featured to provide a seamless and smooth surface and is resistant to water ,dust , grease and food.

Z-POS : 

  • Speedy transaction process
  • Multiple innovative patented designs
  • Quick and easy maintenance


  • Printer integrated
  • Quick access to reset printer
  • Quick and easy maintenance


  • Slim & robust aluminum chassis
  • Color & logo customizable
  • Desktop & wall-mountable


  • Ultra compact
  • Desktop, pole-mountable or wall-mountable
  • Various color options


  • Ultra compact and stylish
  • Excellent expandability
  • Stylish

Advance cell & Qcell

  • Open architecture PC scale
  • Dual touch display
  • Enable cloud computing
  • CE approval

Price checker

  • Versatile display sizes
  • Space-saving
  • Integrated high quality barcode scanner
  • Enables interactive communication
  • Expandable peripheral such as MSR, IC Card reader