DinePlan is a highly intuitive Multi Channel Restaurant Solution were extensive employee training is not always possible or desirable.

DinePlan helps you run a Highly Profitable Restaurant, by Streamlining Operations, Handling More Customers per hour and Improving Service Quality.

Empower front staff to take order, modify and up sell orders stylishly on a smartphone or tablet. Deliver top-notch customer service real quick.

  • Digital record of the restaurant’s entire reservations and walk-ins.
  • Supports reservations from and all the channels.
  • Enables customer recognition on repeat visits and complete customer profiling
  • Periodic notifications to the customers regarding the queue status and wait time.

Multi-Tenant Solution Hosted in the cloud accessible from Browser. DineConnect helps you manage and monitor establishments from anywhere.

An app provides restaurants owners or managers with quick and easy access to real-time business analytics, anywhere and anytime.

eDine is a powerful, easy to use, online ordering, reservation management system.

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