ECHES POS is fully integrated with SAP Business One. Accounts, inventory, warehouse management, costing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, decision making and various other functions are fully integrated with SAP Business One at the back office or Head Quarters. This will simplify the entire business operation by increasing efficiency while reducing costs.

Multi Store & Multi location

ECHES POS can be used in a single store with multiple counters and in multiple stores with multiple counters. Multi location feature gives the control of key functions to the Management from the Head Quarters. Real-time data updates will show sales and inventory movement in real time.

QuickBooks as Accounting

For small businesses that use QuickBooks Accounting, ECHES POS can be used in the outlets as the point of sale software and all the transaction can be fully synchronized to QuickBooks Accounting. This will eliminate the costs, errors and time of re-entering daily sales to QuickBooks.

Localized to Maldives

ECHES POS is fully compatible to local GST and GST inclusive selling price calculations. All the necessary information to file GST returns will be available instantly as per the format approved by MIRA. This will save the time and errors with GST filing.

GST Bills with customer TIN numbers can be issued instantly saving time both for the customer and business.

Web Reporter

In addition to inbuilt reports ECHES POS is built with a web reporter that will give access to key financial reports though internet with a computer or a mobile device. This will provide the management with the key performance indicators of their businesses while anywhere in the world.

Inventory Costing & Pricing

Inventory costing can be calculated by absorbing purchasing costs like transport, Duty, Freight, bank charges. Sales price can fixed with GST inclusive or GST exclusive price. Which will be able to eliminate laaries in the final customer’s bill.

Credit Sales & Corporate Customers

Corporate and credit customers will be able to buy on credit within their credit terms and limits. Purchased orders, Sales Orders and delivery management functions will be available to manage corporate customers

Key Features


  • Localized to Maldives
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Multi Store and Multi Location
  • User Level Security
  • Company Dashboard
  • Excel Import and Export
  • QuickBooks Accounting Integration
  • SAP Business One Integration
  • Standalone and Integration Options
  • Mobile App for Android & iOS
  • GST Input and Output Reports
  • Reports Customization
  • Document Template Customization

Sales & Customer

  • Credit Sales and Corporate Customers
  • Sales Order and Quotation Management
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Discount Management by Customer and Segment
  • Sale and Promotion Management
  • Credit Block by Credit Limit and Credit days
  • Credit Customer Account Payments
  • Sales Returns and Customer Refunds
  • Multi-Currency Tender
  • Multiple Tender Types in One Bill
  • End of Day cash Counting and Reconciling
  • Touchscreen Optimized
  • Quick Pick Items


  • Inventory Costing and Sales Price Fixing
  • Label Printing
  • Purchase Order and Delivery Management
  • Multi UOM( Unit of Measure)
  • Serialized, Expiry and Batch Inventory
  • Re-order Levels and Purchase Management
  • Inventory Transfers
  • Inventory Quantity Adjustments
  • Inventory Price Adjusts
  • Multiple Selling Price per Item
  • Multiple UPC or Barcodes for an Item
  • Taxable and Non Taxable Items
  • Items Pictures
  • Item Descriptions and Additional Details
  • Item Attributes for Color, Size etc