The holistic solution for hotels and resorts

Do you use disparate software systems to run your business mix of accommodation, retail, booking services, and restaurants? Then don’t be surprised if your data is inconsistent, your costs are through the roof, and you have no idea who your guests are.

With LS Retail, you can run your hotel, hospitality, retail, and event business within just one platform. You get all the in-depth industry functionality you need without ever having to switch systems. And since all your information is within one database, you get total visibility over your whole enterprise and your guests.

A personalized view for each role

Speed up service, prevent shrinkage and simplify access to key information. The system’s role-based design empowers you to set what information and functionality employees can see based on their user role and permission level.

Front Desk

Perform registration duties, make room reservations and track and report room status and rates. With LS Central of Hotels, you can easily:

  • Recognize and acknowledge returning guests 
  • Manage individual, group and corporate booking
  • Add tasks and comments to reservations 
  • See real-time housekeeping and maintainace status
  • Add dinning, health, or other service charges to the room within the same system
  • Split charges to different invoices
  • Handle room changes and add upsells and upgrades
  • Manage transactions on reservations after departure date
  • Handle early checkout 
  • Settle payments without checking out 

Hotel Manager

Plan and coordinate the day-to-day operations of your hotels, from reservations to business development to special events. With LS Central for hotels, you can use asingle software system to:

  • Plan Staff rosters based on need
  • Track employee cost, performance and attendance 
  • Manage inventory and replenishment
  • Handle purchasing and vendors 
  • Manage budgets and monthly and year-end financial statements 
  •  Keep track of the business using Bl reports
  • ABS Revenue Cue 
  • Access booking statistics by period and channel 

Back Office

Monitor and manage your investments with real-time, reliable data across your entire hotel chain. With our unified platform, you can;

  • Manage contracts for corporate guests and agents 
  • Handle group reservations 
  • Create offers and promotions that maximize profitability and guest satisfaction 
  • Ensure accurate guest folios 
  • Manage rates and restrictions 
  • Improve business performance using intelligence analytics tools 
  • Create and handle allotments 
  • Manage remaining transactions or problematic invoices 
  • Handle no shows and overbookings

Marketing Manager

Increase occupancy of your accommodation, meeting and leisure facilities, and maximize your hotel brand’s visibility and revenue. Get more out of your marketing efforts with LS Central for hotels 

  • Recognize returning guests and personalize their experiences
  • Create packages that include dining, spa, room options 
  • Track the effect of your offers and promotions 
  • Manage loyalty programs and rewards 
  • Get real-time customer insights 
  • Manage guest relationships 


Imagine being able to recognize returning guests, and to delight them by offering a speedy check in, their preferred room choice and personalized room, spa and dining options. With LS Central for hotels, you can. Keep track of each customer’s past interactions and preferences, from room requirements to favorite drinks at the bar and beyond. Use intelligent analytics tools to make your guest profiles more precise and meaningful, and use this knowledge to show your guests that you really know them, and care.

Check in

Check guests in quickly and smoothly. Recognize returning customers and make their experience memorable with personalized touches. Never ask again “Have you stayed with us before?”

Complete overview

Follow the customer journey from the beginning until the end and all steps in between. Learn how your customers find you, and aid their discovery process across search and booking engines.


Offer secure reservations for your rooms and facilities on your brand’s
website, on booking engines, through third party agents as well as on the hotel premises. Recognize returning
guests, and prepare for their arrival.

Check out

Make the checkout process as quick and smooth as your customers demand. Let guests check out as they please – at the desk, online, via mobile.


Let your guests add extra services, from a bottle of champagne in the room to airport pickup, during and after booking. Keep track of upcoming tasks in the system’s Role Center and make sure all requests are met, every time.


Encourage guests to return with enticing loyalty programs. Use customer data to personalize rewards, and let your guests spend their points as they prefer.


From room service to wellness treatments, from tennis court rentals to dry cleaning, you can add extra services to a guest’s bill any time during their stay, from any Point of Sale.

Step up your hotel experience with LS Central for hotels

Speed up training times

The intuitive interface and the use of user roles mean that your employees can be up and running with just an hour of system training.

Train staff once for many roles

With a single system you can train employees just once, and then move them from the front desk to the restaurant, spa or tour booking service, as needed.

Work from anywhere

Keep track of the business, from current occupancy to housekeeping to analytics, and provide services to your guests from any mobile device.

Run a global enterprise

Manage an international chain: LS Central for hotels is available in multiple languages and supports various currencies, tax structures and rules.

Cut IT costs

Using a single platform means that you can cut the number of vendors, solutions and integration points needed.

Select your deployment option

LS Central for hotels can be deployed purely in the cloud, on premises, or with a hybrid setup – whichever way suits your business best.