Forecourt operators have to face the complexities of a filling gas station, a convenience store retailer and a casual dining operator. These include different pricing structures by grade of petroleum products and geographical region, necessity of safety mechanisms at the pump, kitchen and menu management, and integration of the POS systems with the fueling pumps and back office – to name just a few. Technical complexities just add to the mix. Gas stations and forecourt operators often use multiple software solutions to manage the different sections of their business – one for retail management, one for the food service part and one for the filling station. However, building, managing and running different IT systems is time-consuming and expensive; on top of that, there is the constant risk that integration issues between diverse applications might create inconsistent financial data.

Gassed up to go, all day, every day
From retail to food service to pump management, our highly intuitive POS systems and fully integrated business management software address all the aspects of a forecourt business, in one powerful, flexible solution, saving you the time and costs of managing and maintaining multiple applications. With LS Forecourt you will be able to run the whole operation from your headquarters. Keep track of your POS terminals, access store systems, inventory and merchandising from your back office.

Extensive pump control

Enhance your efficiency by gaining full control of your pump operations from the POS. The system lets you authorize, pause, stop, lock and unlock all pumps. You can also choose to stop them or release them in case of emergency. LS Forecourt supports automatic reading of tank gauge information and deliveries, but data that is not automated –for example tank dip readings, pump volumes and delivery notes – can be entered manually, easy and fast. The highly-automated pumps control considerably speeds up transaction processing.

Multiple types of fuel sales

Offer your customers great flexibility with multiple fuel sale methods: LS Forecourt supports post-pay (pump the gas and pay afterwards), pre-pay at the pump (pay first, then pump) as well as preset (set a quantity of gas or currency amount before pumping). At the POS, it’s easy to offer refunds to customers who pumped less fuel than they paid for.
With LS Forecourt, all sales are conducted through the same Point of Sale. That means you can allow your customers to pay for their fuel alongside any other item – whether it’s a burger from your restaurant, or a magazine and candy bar from your c-store – at the same POS, in the same transaction.

Flexible price management

Implement a wide variety of pricing structures across your organization with our powerful solution. Head office can centrally set up and modify prices, for example for single service stations or for groupings of them. Gas stations can have different prices at different times of the day, or on different days. Price changes can be scheduled ahead from the central office, so that they will go into effect automatically even if the station is unmanned.Forecourt supports automatic reading of tank gauge information and deliveries, but data that is not automated –for example tank dip readings, pump volumes and delivery notes – can be entered manually, easy and fast. The highly-automated pumps control considerably speeds up transaction processing.

Available on-premises and in the cloud

We offer several setup and deployment options, giving you the flexibility to choose the model that best suits your business needs and your budget.

Point of Sale and back office solution

Do you already have an ERP system, and need a powerful, flexible and easily integrated POS solution? LS Forecourt is available as a front- and back-office solution, which can easily be integrated to your existing ERP.

On-premises complete forecourt solution (POS+ERP)

The system – including front-office, back-office tools and Microsoft Dynamics ERP – can be fully deployed on-premises. LS Forecourt is available on Microsoft Dynamics NAV or AX.


Cloud-based complete forecourt solution (POS+ERP)

LS Forecourt is available as Software as a Service (SaaS), with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. The solution can also be deployed in a private or public cloud, or in a hybrid setup.

Your forecourt business will thrive with LS Retail

In-depth reporting

Management can centrally access a wide variety of reporting options; check your sales and overall performance by shift, day, month, year, fuel sales, non-fuel sales and many more.

Tank gauge information

Our system makes it easy and fast to check tank status information like fuel level, water level and temperature.

Wet stock inventory management

Our system can automatically replenish wet stock basing on sales history or stock levels. Orders can be matched to deliveries at head office or back office.

Full food service functionalities

Centrally manage your kitchen and menus, create and handle meal deals and fully inform your customers by accessing recipes and ingredient information directly at the POS.

What can LS Retail do for your forecourt business?

Empower your staff

Process transactions faster and error-free with our simple, yet feature-rich POS terminals.

Simplify your daily operations

Use the same powerful system, with an easy-to-use graphic interface, across your whole organization.

Streamline your inventory management

Our solution can get you the right product to the right place at the right time – all automated.

Monitor your performance in real time

Check how your locations are performing and analyze sales distribution according to POS, total income, number of customers, number of items, or average purchase amount.

Reward customers with the click of a button

Reward customers with in-store, online and mobile loyalty schemes and offers, and encourage repeat business.

Your entire operation, from one location

Oversee the status of your whole business - from out-of-stock and physical inventory, to sales to staff performance – from the head office.