What is LS one?

LS One was born as a POS-plus-Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for retail, integrated to Microsoft Dynamics AX. Since its decoupling from AX, LS One has functioned as an independent .net POS solution that can be integrated into any ERP software using its very versatile and scalable connection interfaces.

The standard LS One solution comes with retail, hospitality and forecourt functionality and can run on any Microsoft-based POS terminal (Windows 7 and above) as well as on Android and iOS mobile devices when using the Mobile POS option.

With a network of over 100 partners located around the globe, LS One has the ability to reach most of its customers in their own countries. Partners undergo certification training to ensure that the services they provide are of the same quality as the products we provide.

Features of LS ONE

Migrate from Microsoft Dynamics RMS (Retail Management System) to LS One. Keep all your item, supplier, customer and sales information using the LS One Migration Tool. Positive will manage all aspects of the migration process leaving you get on with running your busy retail business. We can also migrate your data from other EPOS system, all we need are excel files containing your data and, we do the rest. Could not be simpler or faster.

Completely customise the look and feel of your POS. Include your branding on the POS. Assign Images for even faster and easier cashier use. Use LS One’s powerful loyalty and promotion calculations, making life easier for your Staff and faster for your customers. If you run a dual business, retail and hospitality, LS One will allow multiple screen types for both functions. Garden Centres and Destination Centres are prime examples where advanced Retail and Hospitality functions are required. LS One is for Everyone, and every Retail or Hybrid Hospitality business.

In the case of LS One, you can have a simple One POS business & One Store, right up to thousands of POS systems running over many locations and geographical areas. LS One Integrates with all ERP solutions or Accounts packages. LS One has many successful integrations to solutions such as, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365, SAP Business One (SAP B1), Sage & Oracle. If you have one of these solutions managing your enterprise speak to us today about LS One and your ERP solution.

LS One Mobile, delivered by Positive enables you to sell anywhere on your shop floor and throughout your premises at any time using mobile devices. Mobility runs on many platforms including Android, iOS and Microsoft technology, this means that mobility works for your business using already in use, or purchased in house or in pocket technology. Give your customers the experience they deserve, and won’t receive in your competitions business, sell, analyse and add customers as you deliver exceptional customer service all the while being mobile with them.

LS One is a Powerful Stock Management System, Control all aspects of your inventory. Transfers between stores, ERP connection, Stock Takes and Item Movement Management. All these features are standard in LS One and out of the box meaning there is no surprises in functionality. LS One from Positive has built in Item & Stock reports meaning that you can always have the right product at the right time for your Customers. LS One’s replenishment module makes ordering easy, it’s intuitive, helping you order Smarter, Faster and with Greater Efficiency. Purchase Orders & Transfer-Ins can be created in a jiffy manually and automatically by LS One, LS can base ordering on information available in LS ONE.

Integrated Credit Card and multiple payment types. Tender types such as On Account, Cash, Credit card, Web Orders are easily created so you can effectively manage all the payment types your business accepts. LS One is also multi Currency enabled meaning you can accept many different currencies throughout your Retail Organisation. Promotions such as BOGOF, 2 for 1, Quantity discounts, Weekend Sales, Happy hour, January sales & VAT free days can easily be managed and automatically triggered based on set up in LS One. Built in Loyalty means no costly integration to other Loyalty schemes, LS One has feature full Loyalty offering you unlimited options for managing Loyalty throughout your Business. Great Retailers have Great Loyalty Schemes, Loyalty keeps customers happy and returning using Loyalty that is customer specific and driven through LS One.

LS One has built in Powerful reporting allowing you to take instant and immediate action from live reporting. Reports such as Sales, Item management, Item Value reports, Sell Through Rates, Variant Reporting, Merchandising & Customer Reports to name but a few. All reports from LS One can be exported to excel for further analysis, LS One can also be linked to LS Insights for True Live Visual data analysis. LS Insight for LS One is powered by Microsoft Power BI.

Manage your whole retail enterprise with LS One delivered by Positive Solutions. LS One can run multiple stores and thousands of POS’s. Integrate with your ERP for a complete Omni-channel retail solution. Customer data and product information can be shared seamlessly throughout your organisation, including loyalty and returns at store level. Never again have unhappy customer’s or feed your competition with disgruntled patrons. Cease ineffective customer service. Give your customer the experience your brand showcases. LS One delivered by Positive Solutions Integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 356 and many other ERP solutions. Omni Channel Retailing starts with Powerful Retail Technology, whether your Business started life through ERP or e-Commerce , LS One can Integrate with both to give you true ERP for Retail.