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Experience the ultimate retail POS system

For today’s customers, instant is everything. Conditioned toward an omni-channel experience, they expect every interaction with your brand to be fast, easy, consistent and pleasant. They anticipate the same treatment in-store as they get online, and that includes personalized offers and flexibility.
Exceed expectations with LS One – Retail POS
Light, quick and easy to learn, our powerful retail POS software system is designed to keep your customers happy, and your competitors worried.
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  • Faster, more thorough customer interactions
  • Loyalty programs that turn passive customers into brand evangelists
  • Better inventory management to refine your purchasing and promotion decisions
  • Reporting and analytics tools that improve overall business performance

Your business deserves the advantage of LS One Retail POS software

Enable a mobile workforce:

Leverage the built-in mobile POS version of LS One to increase customer engagement on the floor, from any Android or iOS device.


Improve their bottom line:

Streamlined inventory, easy-to-manage stock, one-click discounts or price adjustments by group, and overall organizational time savings combine to drive higher revenues, consistently.

Increase customer retention:

fast check-outs, personalized offers and discounts, valuable loyalty programs, simple exchanges and returns, and the ability to easily process all payment types, including foreign currencies, ensure customers keep coming back to your stores.


Enjoy better operational controls:

analyze and track sales goals and targets, assign permissions and access to POS operations, quickly generate an end-of-day operational snapshot and improve your upsell and cross-sell opportunities with tools designed to help manage your organization better.