Simple, made possible™

From small cafes to the most sophisticated banks and retailers on the planet, NCR powers the technology that integrates everything—and runs your entire operation.


Your gas-and-sip business runs fast—you, your customers and your bottom line just don’t have time for POS terminals and peripherals that can’t keep up.

That’s why we offer a full suite of hardware purpose-built for your demanding fuel and convenience store environment, including point-of-sale terminals, electronic payment controllers, kitchen display systems, fuel controllers, servers, peripherals and more.

  • Rugged, high-performance POS terminals with fast processors, sleek, modern designs and touchscreen options
  • Industry-leading OPTIC outdoor fuel payment terminals
  • Digital signage and self-service kiosks that encourage customers to order more
  • Fuel controllers, site controllers and kitchen production systems that tie it all together


Hardware & Peripherals

Keep the transactions coming with innovative, durable and dependable hardware.


 NCR RealPOS™ XR7 Plus

The RealPOS™ XR7 Plus is a high performance, rugged all-in-one kiosk. Powered by 6th generation Intel® Core™ processor technology, it’s an energy efficient powerhouse that delivers the highest level of performance and investment protection. In terms of design, the sleek modern appearance with a slim profile, zero-bezel design delivers an elegant POS. We also offer RealPOS™XR7 an all-in-one POS with 4th generation Intel® Core™ processor family.


NCR P1535 POS terminal has a sleek 12” or 15”touchscreen that’s both modern and stylish, with multiple ports for integration with peripherals, with expansion abilities to add more if your business changes. The latest generation of processor offers superior performance and lowTCO, this model is ideal both for assisted POS and customer-self ordering.

NCR 18-inch Heavy Duty Cash Drawer

NCR’s Heavy duty cash drawer option provides an easy exchange of tills, superior spill resistance and helps ensure a smooth open/close. The sturdy steel construction of the cash drawers allows for dependability and longevity of the hardware, making it the ideal candidate for fuel and convenience locations.


NCR OPTIC is our outdoor payment terminal with contact and contactless EMV compliance and flexible architecture, to elevate the customer experience at the forecourt and help future-proof your investment. Available in two sizes with retrofits that fit major pump brands, NCR OPTIC helps you make the most of your outdoor EMV investment.


NCR OPTIC 5 is an all-in-one outdoor payment terminal tailor-made for outdoor fuel retailing. It comes with a vibrant VGA display, integrated chip-card reader, contactless reader, thermal printer, and 2D barcode scanner.Carefully sized, OPTIC 5 is small enough to fit standard pump heads or pedestals, yet large enough to house a 5-inch display with a user-friendly interface that helps engage customers and build your brand.


NCR OPTIC 12 is a fully-integrated, self-service solution for accepting EMV, magnetic stripe, barcode reading, mobile wallet and contactless payments. With a big and bright 12.1” duraTOUCH® touchscreen that’s weatherproof to virtually any condition, it provides a stunning display for interactive content that truly connects your customer base as they’re fueling.


Panther Fuel Controller

The NCR Panther Fuel Controller is designed to offer direct connectivity to all major brands of dispensers and outdoor payment terminals.The Cub Fuel Controller converts 2-wire connectivity inside the store toEthernet so existing infrastructure can be used while modernizing the forecourt customer experience.


The NCR S500-SF is the latest compact, fit-for-purpose back office server for convenience retailers. Designed with durability and speed in mind, the S500-SF outlasts the competition and provides dependable, fast performance for your store.