SAP Business One provides small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) the opportunity to grow their company, reduce costs and improve efficiencies with a comprehensive and affordable enterprise resource planning (ERP) system used by over 100,000 companies globally. Although SAP Business One was tailored for organisations with less than $100 million in annual revenue and fewer than 100 employees, increasingly today there are entities with over 500 users operating at multiple sites either regionally or globally.

Opportunity and Lead Management – Integral CRM functionality.
Sales Management – Complete sales management system.
Purchasing – Advanced procurement process tools.
Material Requirements Planning – Forecast customer buying trends.
Inventory Management – Manage stock effectively.

Comprehensive – Complete business management software designed for SMEs.
Customisation – Industry specific solutions tailored to your business.
Fast Results – Implement quickly, see results in weeks.
Reporting – Turn business analytics into tangible sales and customer trend data.
Innovation – SAP’s innovative solutions enable your business to succeed.
Growth – SAP’s solutions grow with your business.

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