SuccessFactors – Continuous Performance Management

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SAP SuccessFactors – CPM – An Introduction

Continuous Performance Management (CPM) is one of the features of the Performance and Goal Management (PMGM) Solution within SAP SuccessFactors. It facilitates regular and productive conversations on how an employee can improve their performance. It allows: 

  • Employees, to keep their Managers informed on their progress in terms of achieving goals, and 
  • Managers, to provide continuous coaching and feedback to their direct reports.  

This blog article explains the basic functionality, as well as its technicalities, to support  

  • End-Users, to be able to use it, and 
  • Administrators, to set up the process in system.   

How does Continuous Performance Management help? 

  1. Employees can record the activities and achievements to let the managers have better visibility of their performance. 
  2. Having the list of activities and achievements, the employees and managers can have structured and meaningful discussions.
  3. Employees can link the activities they are performing to the goals they are assigned to, which aligns their work.
  4. Managers can provide timely feedback and coaching to help employees improve their performance.   

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